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Dr Sarita Dhankani

Emotional & Spiritual

Wellbeing Coach

Dr Sarita Dhankani is Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing Coach and

Founder of Beautiful Reflections. 

She specializes in helping people to release hidden trauma's, alter limiting belief systems, become more aware of their body and mind and enables them to live a life which is filled with joy and happiness. 

Her Journey of becoming a healer  started 11 years ago, because of mere curiosity around this subject and the need to help other people overcome their physical and emotional issues.

 She has pursued her graduation in homeopathy medicine and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy healer and Nlp practitioner.  She combines various healing, coaching and counselling modalities such as inner child healing, Reiki, Chakra healing, Meditations, Past life regression, Karmic healing, Crystal Healing, Guided art, EFT tapping, Crystal and Sound Healing to work on the root cause of presenting complaints - Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. 

Apart from one on one and group sessions, she also offers short and long healing retreats in beautiful spaces close to nature.

She believes that life is a exploratory journey and that every moment is a new beginning, so you can begin now !!  

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