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Travel heals your soul

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Have you ever felt that when you are emotionally down, or something unexpected happens, or your life is going downhill, you have had an innate desire to run away from that situation, to go somewhere alone and find out the answer to why me?

But unfortunately, you weren't able to give yourself that time, energy, and courage to take yourself out of the stressful situation.

Why do we feel such a strong desire to go somewhere, to be alone, to escape from the situation?

Because its that time, that you spend with yourself which heals you. It is in those moments that restore the inner turbulence, that give you clarity in life. Your mind knows that you have had enough and its time to leave everything behind. But all of us aren't able to provide that amount of time to ourselves, because we feel it's not necessary or because you feel you are escaping from that situation.

It's essential to take time out and go on a date with yourself, and It's vital to nurture your soul. Traveling unfolds many things about yourself. It gives you the space to think, to unwind, and to de-stress.

Traveling is not about reaching a particular destination nor about the place you stay or the food you eat.

Traveling is a journey. A Journey through which you learn, you ponder, you meet new people, and you see the world with a different mindset.

Its time to listen to your inner voice, get out of your comfort zones and your limiting beliefs and choose to heal your soul through any magical journey. It can even be a short visit to the park or the museum. Create it for yourself, live the life that you always wanted to. Choose to be stress-free, breathe in some fun and frolic, make new friends, exercise, eat good food, do something new every day, visit a place you have never visited before, do anything that makes you unwind and happy.

Because someone has rightly said,

"We travel not to escape life, but life not to escape us."

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