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Holistic Healing and Emotional Wellbeing Services

We offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing through our many service offerings. 

We believe in the holistic integration of Mind, Body and Soul. 

Our 360 Degree approach helps us to address the root cause of the presenting complaint and not just the superficial symptoms. 

We understand your foundation, lifestyle and your karmic patterns and hand hold you to overcome these obstacles.

Step 1 - Holistic Consultation

Step 2 - Case Analysis & Suggestions

Step 3 -  Customized Treatment Plan

Services: Our Therapies

Homeopathy & Bach flower remedies

Clinical Hypnosis

Reiki Healing

Sound Healing

Misty Slope
Services: Our Therapies
Misty Slope

Psychological Counselling

Karmic & Ancestral Healing


Chakra & Crystal Healing

Services: Our Therapies
Image by Paul Berthelon Bravo

Our Programs


A 3 month intensive healing and self improvement program that will help to

Achieve clarity in different areas of your life 

Break your limiting beliefs, habits and thought processes 

Improve confidence and self worth

Understand your purpose of life 

Improve your ability to connect with yourself and be more self aware

Healing intergenerational trauma 

Feel complete freedom in mind and body


Weekly meditations, Transformation Workshops and Healing Retreats are a part of this program.

Every session will help you to deep dive within yourself and engage with like minded community of people who are on the journey of self transformation

Revive, Rejoice and Transform packages available

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Services: Our Therapies
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