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Testimonials: Testimonials

Sharvil Gandhre

My experience with Dr.Sarita was very fruitful. I consulted her at a time where my mind was wandering in all directions and needed someone to help and guide. Our very first interaction was a one on one where Dr.Sarita helped me understand myself better and told me very simple yet true things! Our group interactions were wonderful, as we learnt about the different chakras in the human body. Best part of our sessions was that we all shared our experiences and there was always a light ambience throughout making me feel energized. Today, I can happily say, I feel much more calm and sure about things. Thank you Dr.Sarita and I would highly recommend her in case anyone needs any sort of help, guidance or even a friend to talk to! She can be all of that so effortlessly

Dr Sarita is excellent in her field, she understands your situation very well, and guide you like a professional coach. She has a vast knowledge of the root chakra and tells you very well how to deal with your problems

Chinmay Mittal

Dr Sarita is brilliant and her method of therapy is excellent. She is full of compassion and her sessions leave you feeling healed and full of answers. I cured my rashes / urticaria in 6 sessions with her as she taps into the root causes of the issues . She has helped my daughter too. I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much

Shreya Singh

Dr. Sarita is a very kind hearted person. I participated in the emotional detoxification program organized by Dr. Sarita, I recommend every one to take it and live a more happier life. thank you Dr. for your guidance.


Testimonials: Testimonials

She understands the core of our problem easily by just talking and gives best recommendation for us.

Prachi Mittal

Dr Sarita is a very patient listener and gives a safe space to vent out/ talk since she has a very calm aura around her.
She Counsels well and teaches different ways to relax and uplift oneself.
You Can definitely take her help.


Dr Sarita is a good counsellor & teaches modalities to relax and uplift ourselves. I would recommend her for therapy and counselling sessions. You can trust and be open with her


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